Chen-style Tai Chi Single/Double Sabre DVD

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Product Description 商品说明

Chen-style Tai Chi Single/Double Sabre (or Broadsword)

Chen-style Tai Chi Single Sabre (or Chinese Broadsword) is one of the short weapons. The original routine has 13 movements and so it is called the 13 form Broadsword. This routine is short and its every movement is practical and powerful. Its 13 methods such as roll, close, thrust, block, chop, cut, intercept, twine, slice, parry and raise in straight arms, really show the characteristic of Tai Chi Quan.
There are 35 movements in the Double Broadsword routine, which are reasonably and cohesively arranged. It’s main movement include hack, chop, parry thrust, intercept, press, push, slice, block and swing in. With smooth and round body movements and agile and stable footwork, the two broadswords are wonderfully played, fully demonstrates the Chen style Tai Chi Quan features of hardness and softness in harmony, fastness and slowness in interval, and combination of looseness, activeness and explosiveness in application..

Media: DVD
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: selectable English / Chinese
Duration: 89 mins
Publisher: Chinese Sport Council Publishing House

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